A downloadable SLF for Windows, Linux, and Android


I started making an online football game in Unity just for fun. 

You control a single player, games can be anything up to 10 v 10 and its cross platform(I think)

The pitch is enclosed so there are no boring throwins or goal kicks.

Lots of stuff still needs doing but I'd like to test the networking side a bit.  I've stood up a single test server that should allow 20 players to run about and do stuff

If anyone fancies testing it out I'll put the test builds here

PS it makes my android phone (nexus 5x) get a bit hot so I recommend the pc builds unless you have a fancy phone.

Also, I've not tested Mac or Linux build but the server runs on Linux so I guess they should be fine :)

Thanks for looking


  • Ball
  • Pitch
  • Goals
  • Hand drawn players
  • Ball Cam
  • Power Bar
  • Flexible Player Camera
  • Sound FX
  • Ragdoll Punishment


  • Movement = WASD
  • Shoot = left ctrl 
  • Pass = left shift  
  • Camera Move = Mouse
  • Camera Zoom = Mouse wheel
  • Cylce through player skins = 1 and 2
  • B Toggle "Ball Cam"
  • 0 (zero) Reset Ball after goal

Current state

  • Things are a bit wonky
  • No matchmaking. Just a pitch, two goals and a ball
  • No sound (I'll do that next)
  • Yes I know you can run through wall, goals etc :)


  • Sound
  • Some kind of game logic :)
  • Timed games
  • Ragdoll player punishment!
  • Player setup menu
  • More kits
  • Lock camera on ball
  • Shot/Pass Power Guage
  • Spectator mode
  • VR (maybe)

Install instructions


Download and launch the apk on your phone and follow the instructions


Download and unpack the zip. Run the executable

Play offline on single PC

Run one instance of the game as "Server Only" 

Run additional instance and enter hostname or IP of the server instance (or localhost if running on the same device)


Windows.zip 23 MB
LinuxServer.zip 23 MB
Sunday_League.apk 27 MB

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