Ragdoll fun

Messing about with player ragdoll

The plan is. When the ball hits the player at a certain velocity the player goes down and is out of actions for a while. Same thing for tackling when that gets added :)

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Good luck with this. I once made a little 2d multiplayer 'singles' footy game, and often thought about coming back to it to try again in 3d...looks like you might be saving me the hard work of making it! :)

Loving the style of the players too. I've seen Gazza, I just hope Waddle is in there somewhere too, though you'll need to add 'mullet physics' to your to-do list! ;)



My original player sketches had magnificent mullets. It would be a crime not too have them on the roadmap. There's a few other 90s players I'd like to get add too.

It's super slow going at the moment I'm no developer and I can't spend as much time on things as I'd like.

I've got ragdoll working locally for high velocity ball impact. It's pretty funny. Just got to suss out syncing that over the network.

I'll check out your racing game when I get some time.



I just thought I'd check in on the game, and noticed there hasn't been any updates for a while. Hopefully just means you've went quiet for a while and that all is well, but also no worries if you've moved on to something else.

Either way, just thought I'd let you know that at least one person was looking forward to this! :)


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been doing a few bits and bobs on here but nothing really worth sharing yet.

I did decide to concentrate on desktop builds for the time being and try and get some game logic figured out. Been a bit busy with work, world cup and Sea of Thieves to get really stuck in.

Thanks for stopping by 👍